From sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline and Thérèse - November 11 , 1887

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline and Thérèse.

November 11, 1887

Dear little girls, I saw that the little lamb had scribbled some things' and I nothing at all… You know, however, whether I love you, but I haven't the time this morning to write you. If I were Céline, every night I would make a résumé (only four lines) of all that I saw, for example: Seen, today, St. Peter's, the Coliseum, the Catacombs, etc. This is a way of recalling everything. And you will not be making this trip every year....

I think of my little Thérèse. I believe that little Jesus is not so asleep in His little cradle as He appears to be, and I imagine His very much loved little toy really touches His Heart.

Adieu, my darlings. Meditate on these last lines that we used to love to repeat together: "Time is your boat and not your home" See how you have covered ground .... And we are running just as quickly and even more quickly towards heaven, our true home.

Marie of the Sacred Heart


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