From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline and Léonie - Late June (?) 1888.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline and Léonie. Late June (?) 1888.

Darling little sisters, we were counting on receiving a letter tonight and got nothing! I shall say no more about it, not in revenge but because I haven’t the time. Once again I’m sending you this little spiritual bouquet from the Parish Priest in Ars: “Thorns ooze balm and the cross drips sweetness, but the thorns must be held tightly in one’s hands and the cross pressed against one’s heart for them to secrete the sap they contain”.

Let us therefore press it [v°] against us hard to have a more beautiful heaven! Oh, Always! Always!... with so little time to suffer.

Think of our family in Heaven, of our darling Mother. All her sorrows are over. Does she miss them?


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