From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 27, 1888.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. 27th July 1888.


My little Céline,

It is a soup-spoon of Eau des Jacobins that must be given to Papa but in nothing other than a glass of sugared water (an ordinary glass) you will give him this every morning for three successive days and if it doesn’t help you will write to me and I will teach you something else… If you receive this little note tonight, as this morning you only gave him a tea-spoon of Eau des Jacobins, give him some more today and that will count for one of the three days, otherwise do as I [v°1] said. I’m sending you printed instructions at the same time, don’t lose them they could be useful.  

Don’t send any of the things you were asked for, for the father of one of our sisters, whom I mentioned this morning and who is 98 years old, is about to die and we won’t be celebrating St. Martha. (Mr. Guéret, father of Sister Saint Stanislaus, would die on 30th July).

We are fasting on redcurrants… how I regret telling you not to keep them all for us. We are so numerous, they go down so fast. We’ve almost finished ours. Well next year remember they are for the Carmel, all of them... All the same I’m counting on receiving the redcurrants during the day tomorrow so that we have time to peel them.

See you soon my Célin1, look after our dear Father as best you can. It’s a wonderful and glorious task…

M. of the S.H.

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