From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - October 20, 1888.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. 20th October 1888.



Darling Céline,

I’m wishing you a happy feast day and I feel very deprived at having nothing to offer you. If only I had a little bouquet but all the flowers are frozen, I am poor like Job. I had thought of sending you the passages from the retreat that you asked me for, but it was impossible yesterday evening, so here I am with nothing except [v°] this one little thought that the Father expressed and which I nevertheless remember: “How happy God is when he sees a little soul completely surrendered to his pleasure” (Fr. Pichon). May this be my petit Célin’s1 feast day bouquet. If the Father leaves, we will surrender ourselves as best we can to God’s good pleasure. And yet we won’t be leaving him. When I see you I have something to say to you on that subject. But [2 r°] I haven’t the time right now, I can hear them taking the linen up to the loft, I escaped for a moment, I must at present rejoin the army (the whole community, who would hang out in the attics the laundry that had been washed the previous day ).

Thank Papa for his good herrings, for everything, tell him not to deprive himself of his grapes, it would upset me. See you soon, my petit Célin who’s now grown-up! and who is the consolation of us all.

[2 v°] Madame de Bouillon is delighted. (Madame de Bouillon, born Thérèse Davy de Virville was Mother Marie de Gonzague’s youngest sister. Did Celine paint something for her?)

Give a kiss to my little Leonie.

When writing to us, you must put Sr. on the address, and not simply write Marie of the S. Heart.

With all my love.

1 Term of endearment