From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - March 11-12, 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. 11th-12th March? 1889


Dear Céline, your letter did a great deal of good to all our hearts. We have nothing left here but the unique consolation of hearing about our beloved father. O my little sisters, yes you are exiled, you are orphans, it’s true! But despite my very bitter sorrow I can’t help saying that you and we are counted among Jesus’ chosen ones. What do you expect! Our saintly father undoubtedly lacked the crown that is so humble here below, but so bright in Heaven… the crown of humiliation. O! if our hearts bleed very much, let’s do what another Father said: “Persist in seeing only love in the Saviour Jesus’ sour wine (quotation of Fr. Pichon).”

[1v°] Yes of course, it is only love and if the graces that are raining down upon us due to this cruel trial were revealed to us, our hearts would undoubtedly overflow with gratitude. What is the earth! Ah! What is earth! My darling Céline, it’s such a grace, at your age, to already see all the nothingness in it. One day we shall die! That is what we must tell ourselves. “This world in its present form is passing away (1 Cor. 7:31).”

“As momentary travelers on foreign soil, we pass on earth to fight and die (from Lamartine).” We are passing! And an eternity of joy is reaching out to us! And with each sorrow an eternity of happiness responds. My darling little sisters, our hearts won’t [2 r°] always be broken. Rest will finally come; but not in this lifetime.

Uncle said something to us which deeply hurt me. Our poor father has been refused Communion twice. Can the Sister not have him think of confessing his sins. Yes, may Jesus answer our prayers and bring him back to us soon!

Poor life! It’s an earth of exile, a valley of tears! Ah! Let’s not waste our time or our suffering… let’s become saints. The present cross is certainly preaching it enough. Jesus didn’t send it to us in vain, the bell for Matins is ringing, farewell my little sisters, my heart is always with you. Tell me if Papa [2 v°] would like to receive a little note from us. Perhaps it would be better not to remind him of us too much. You will let me know, my little Céline.

M. of the S.H.

We have unsealed the letter, it would have weighed too much, we won’t do that to those from the Father.


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