From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline and Léonie - March 19, 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline and Léonie 19th (?) March 1889.

Tuesday evening

Dear little sisters,

Thank you for your oranges, they spoke volumes to my heart. Poor little exiled sisters, thank you!

What can I say to comfort you, to set your little boat afloat again? Seeing it so swamped, it’s the perfect time to say to Jesus: “Lord save us, we are perishing (Mt. 8:25)!” At the retreat the Father said to us: “Sometimes Jesus appears to be asleep in the midst of storms, rough waves, and our souls’ trials… He’s only pretending… his heart is vigilant! He’s there! He sees everything! Oh, so trust [1 v°] in Him! Let us say to ourselves: on a sign from our Master my trials will vanish.” (Quotation of Fr. Pichon).

And also “Lord I will not believe you love me if you do not make me suffer not only very much but also for a long time.” [Father de la Colombière]

“It’s a remarkable grace and an incomparable favour to be nailed to the cross” [Mgr de Ségur]

The Father quoted us all that. My poor darling little sisters, do you find a bit of relief in it? Ah! If only I could heal your hearts a little and mine by the same token. But I am powerless and He who is all-powerful is long in coming… What shall we do? Suffer! In [2 r°] heaven we shall be compensated. Life will pass by very quickly. In a few years not only us but also all memory of us will have disappeared. There’s only one who will not forget us, and that’s Jesus. Fear nothing, we are not crying in vain, all our tears are falling into his Heart… If at the end of each day of your exile your guardian angel counted with you the celestial treasures earned, you would be only too happy, and wouldn’t suffer any more.

Farewell beloved little [2 v°] sisters, don’t turn your noses up at your wealth, if it comes at a high price, it is all the more precious. A moment, a flash; that is the length of the longest life and after that there are centuries and eternities…

My heart is wholly yours

M. of the S. H.

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