From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 2, 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. 2nd April 1889.

Little Céline,

We have this minute received your letter and I’m very quickly replying to advise you not to go and see Papa with Mrs. Benoît. It would be a big mistake. You later risk Papa believing you were in connivance with them in arranging his entry into hospital. What’s more, in your place I would never like to see him with strangers. He doesn’t need to grow accustomed to the Benoît family, he is not obliged to frequent them. I would markedly refuse, I would even say to Mrs. Benoît that as Papa would hold her husband responsible for his entry into hospital (Mrs. Benoît was the sister of Vital and Pauline Romet, who were close friends with the Martins), it would cause him pain to see her and that you thought that it would be best to abstain from it. In any case she can do what she chooses but don’t go with her. I also advised you not to make any visits. If these ladies aren’t happy, too bad! They must understand that your heart isn’t in it. In any case it wasn’t showing her you wanted to distance yourself from them if you made a visit the very next day. Poor little sisters it’s understandable you are without advice!... One more thing, don’t defend Uncle too much in front of Papa. Say nothing, one never regrets having kept silent. [V°] He will sort out his money matters with him, don’t get involved, it would land you in a lot of trouble. It’s pointless undermining him. What do you expect! All human help fails us, it’s up to God alone to help us…  

Your letter upset us, poor darling Father! He is enduring such purgatory before our eyes. Nothing smiles at me here below when I see someone I love so much crucified to this extent. Let’s pray for him, he needs it so much! I didn’t dare write to him, I feared causing him more pain. AS SOON AS you believe we can risk it, write to us. It does us so much good. You are suffering, my little sisters… but at least you can see him! If you were in our shoes I would almost say that in that sense you would be more to be pitied.

You didn’t say whether the Father said it was God’s will (Fr. Pichon). Farewell little sisters, don’t be sparing with your letters they are our only hope.

Let’s hide our broken hearts in the heart of Jesus!...

M. of the S.H.

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