From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 6, 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline, 6th (?) April 1889.


Little Céline,

All I can think about is what Uncle told us this morning about the witnesses etc… I don’t believe Papa will ever recover his faculties and instead of this injunction, which requires an inventory, a legal council would have sufficed. Do you understand [1 v°] that every last centime of his fortune will be declared and that at our poor father’s death we will need to pay the “centième denier” (tax representing a hundredth of the value of assets) on everything? It will be an enormous cost. Our Mother also says so.

Therefore try to speak to Uncle this very day, don’t tell him I wrote to you. Sort it out [2 r°] for the best. Ask him whether legal advice wouldn’t have been simpler.

Farewell darling little sister, write us a note. I send you kisses with all my heart.

Marie of the S.H.

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