From Marie Martin to Céline - September 25-30, 1885.

From Marie Martin to Céline. 25th-30th September 1885

Dear little Céline,

As I promised to write to you, I don’t want to break my word (Céline and Thérèse were on holiday in Trouville, in the villa in Rue Charlemagne).

But it’s now nine o’clock and that puts a stop to my ideas for I have to post my letter straight away. I didn’t send you the letter from papa, which I found when I arrived, earlier because Pauline kept it for two days. Here it is at last…

I made you some cuttings, and tomorrow will be Thérèse’s turn. I have much work to do. I love you and will not tease you as much [v°] anymore but just a little bit all the same. Look at my rambling. It is because I don’t quite know what I’m writing. Thérèse might be jealous. I must write a note to her.

Your mean sister, who is good at heart.



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