From Marie Martin to her uncle Isidore Guérin and his wife - December 25 (?), 1874.

From Marie Martin to her uncle Isidore Guérin and his wife - December 25 (?), 1874.

Dear Uncle and dear Aunt, 

For me it is a very sweet duty to come each year and offer you my wishes that are as sincere as they are numerous.

But as only the Divine Child of Christmas can fulfil our desires I entrusted him with all the happiness and felicity that I wish you.

I would very much like to know whether Marguerite Maudelonde has recovered.

[1v°] Pauline and I prayed a great deal for her, we have such good memories of her.

I haven’t forgotten our sweet little cousins either; especially Jeanne, who is growing wiser and more knowledgeable every day I believe. Aunt recently told us that she was going to boarding school at the Abbey (Benedictine Abbey of Lisieux); I wish my little Jeanne much success in her studies.

I am very much looking forward to the summer holidays because although they are quite far off I’m thinking about them already and I’m very excited about going to Lisieux. I hope that this year Mama will finally keep her promise and let me stay there for a fortnight.

Yet I don’t dare wish for [2r°] the end of this year too much, because it will also be the end of my life as a boarder and it won’t be without sadness that I shall leave Aunt and the Visitation of which I am now so fond. Well, all things must come to an end and so that I don’t later regret the time I will have spent at the convent I am going to try to put that which is left to me to good use.

Accept dear Uncle and dear Aunt, together with my most ardent good wishes, my respectful and affectionate kisses

from your little Niece


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