From Marie Martin to her uncle Isidore Guérin and his wife - December 11, 1870.

From Marie Martin to her uncle Isidore Guérin and his wife - December 11, 1870.


Dear Uncle and dear Aunt,

I am very glad to see New Year’s Day is approaching to write to you. I wish you and Jeanne a very happy New Year. I do hope our new little cousin (Marie Guérin, born on 22nd August) is well. But I have sad news to tell you which is that my little sister Thérèse whom I love so much died (Mélanie-Thérèse, on 8th October 1870), I was very sorrowful when I was told this news, I cried a great deal and I immediately wrote a letter to Mama to comfort her.

I took Communion on the day of the Immaculate Conception and I prayed hard to God for you, I hope to take Communion at Christmas if I am very good. This year my behaviour has not been as good as previous years, but now that I’ve received Our Lord I will be fine.

I am very happy to be going to Alençon on New Year’s Day to see my dear parents and my little sisters because soon it will be three months since I last saw them. Mama told me that as the trains have stopped running we will go in a carriage. I’m very much looking forward to this happy day. Dear Uncle and dear Aunt, I often think of you and Jeanne, I told my classmates how kind she was and how well she sung: mourir pour la patrie. It still feels like I’m in Lisieux and Trouville where we enjoyed ourselves so much. Dear Uncle Mama told me that you were not leaving for the war, I’m very glad about this I’m praying hard to God for Papa not to leave.

Goodbye dear Uncle and dear Aunt I send all my love to you as well as to Jeanne and Marie whom I love so much, please say hello to Mrs. Fournet and all the family for me, and to the maids we know.

Your respectful and affectionate little niece.

Marie Martin.

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