From Marie Martin to Marie-Louise Morel – December 27, 1875.

From Marie Martin to Marie-Louise Morel – December 27, 1875.

There was more than one happy person in the house on Christmas day! Thérèse and Céline received numerous presents from the Child Jesus who never fails to make his visit every Christmas night and bring good children dolls and sweets! Our two baby girls weren’t lacking in all these lovely things, and describing their happiness and enthusiasm would be a difficult task indeed. On Christmas morning, while still all sleepy, they came down in their nightshirts, not bothered by anything but running like two little mad things through the house in search of their little shoes. They finally found them in a row in front of a fireplace. There were at least half a dozen slippers, ankle boots, and rubber boots, and they were all filled with bags of sweets, little sugar clogs, and baby Jesus biscuits!

But what was most comical was to see a lovely doll that had come out of one of these boots patiently wait for the mamas to come. This was what pleased Thérèse the most as well, and when she caught sight of this doll she threw everything aside and flew towards it. Unfortunately, her transports of delight don’t last long and now that she is familiar with her charming little girl, she is growing bored with her. Today, annoyed at seeing she was not walking quickly enough, she broke off the ends of her two feet. It has already lost one arm and soon, I think, it will be over for this poor doll. But I am mistaken; when she is utterly dead, she will have her burial, and a doll’s burial is truly very amusing. Thérèse has already experienced it more than once.

Alençon, 27th December 1875

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