From Marie Martin to Mme Cadet - August 30, 1885.

From Marie Martin to Mrs. Cadet. 30th August 1885.


Lisieux 30th August 85

Dear Madam (The Cadet family remains unknown),

We were deeply sorry to hear about the death of your darling little daughter. Allow me to assure you of our sympathy. We haven’t forgotten our friendly neighbours of old, and I need to tell you that we wholeheartedly share in your grief. May God console you, I’m praying for [1 v°] you with all my heart. And your dear child who has left you is praying more than anybody, I’m sure of it. Oh! yes, believe it, dear Madam, the inhabitants of Heaven remember their families and your little Marie loves you and can still see you, even if you can no longer see her!

One could even say, in all truthfulness, that she isn’t dead at all but alive, and living a blessed life where the troubles and sorrows that surround those of us who remain here, are banished.

Forgive me for the liberty I’ve taken in writing to you, I assure you that we have not grown indifferent to you and that it would be difficult for me to only [2 r°] give you a sign of life with a simple card. My little sisters, who also remember their friends, would very much like me to pass on their regrets. My Father is not here at the moment, he is away travelling, but I speak for him when I offer you and Mr. Cadet his sincerest sympathy.

Please, dear Madam, accept mine also with my best regards.

Marie Martin

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