From Marie Martin to Mme Guérin - Early September 1877.

From Marie Martin to Mrs. Guérin.

Early September 1877.

Dear Aunt,

It’s only been three days since you left (Mrs. Martin’s funeral took place on 29th August, Mrs. Guérin left as early as 30th or 31st) and already I’m writing to you, but I have such good things to tell you that I can’t wait another week without telling you.

Since you share in our sorrows it is right that you should also share in our consolations and God has sent us a very sweet one, he has arranged a pleasant surprise for us. He doesn’t want us to be too alone on this earth, without counsel, without support. He wants to bring us closer to relatives whom we love, well, my Aunt, guess what he wants to do?... He wants to send us to Lisieux!

Yes, since yesterday, papa has been completely convinced of it, it is of course God who inspired him, because nothing can shake his decision.

He said: “for us, he would make all possible sacrifices, he would sacrifice his happiness, his life if he had to in order to make us happy, he shrinks before nothing, he no longer hesitates for an instant, he believes that it’s his duty and that it’s for our good and that is enough for him.”

I am really very touched by such dedication. Poor Father, I would be very hurt if he should be unhappy in Lisieux, I’m afraid he won’t grow accustomed to it. In Alençon, he had his childhood friends, his Pavilion, his fishing and in Lisieux, he won’t have all that. Even though I pointed this out to him so that later he won’t have any regrets, nothing could change his mind.

He’s already busy getting rid of everything that keeps him in Alençon as promptly as possible. He made an arrangement yesterday with the Gauthier ladies who will undoubtedly take on the business; they’ve practically made up their minds. Tomorrow they will come to the house to conclude it definitively (an agreement was not met with them, but would be concluded with the Persehayele ladies on 25th September 1877).

That, aunt, is the good news I had to tell you. God, who has sent us such great sorrows always sets aside a bit of joy and has set aside a lot for us. How good it is to surrender oneself to him, doesn’t he arrange everything for the good of his children!

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