From Marie Martin to her sister Pauline - July 9, 1873.

From Marie Martin to her sister Pauline - July 9, 1873.

Dear little Pauline,

   So here you are on the day of your second Communion (Thursday 10th July). I would very much like to be with you at this moment, but since I can’t (she had barely recovered from typhoid fever), I’m at least going to join you in my prayers. Don’t forget me either little Pauline think of your sister today and pray God she may become good.          

[1v°] So the summer holidays are approaching, you’ll be so happy to be among us again, won’t you? How pleased I will be to see you again petit Paulin1.

We are tidying your garden for the day you arrive, we are planting lots of china asters thinking you will like that.

Now I’m going to tell you a story about something that happened to me very recently. I was at the Pavilion with Mama and I was picking strawberries with Léonie and Céline. I was walking in the rows minding my own business, when I saw something jump. I bent down, I moved a strawberry and to my amazement [2r°] saw a frog jump out at me. I let out a loud scream I can assure you and I promised myself I would not look so hard in the strawberry bushes from now on because I was thoroughly caught out. Anyway I got away with just a fright.

Sister M. Gertrude sent me a letter, tell her that it brought be great pleasure and that it was deeply interesting.

We went walking in the countryside on Sunday we enjoyed running in the fields very much and even though we went out quite late it was very hot.

This is the last letter I [2v°] will write to you before the holidays, when you come you would do well to bring me my exercise book if it’s no bother.

Farewell petit Paulinot1 see you soon in the meantime I send you my love and kisses with all my heart. Give my best wishes to Edith and Renée

Your affectionate sister

M. Martin

[1r° tv] Marie to Pauline her little sister whom she loves

1 Term of endearment

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