From Marie Martin to her parents Louis and Zélie - January 21, 1872.

From Marie Martin to her parents Louis and Zélie - January 21, 1872.

Dear Parents,

I received your letter yesterday, which brought me much pleasure, and I can tell you I am no longer sad now because I am trying not to think about Alençon very much, for only the thought of being far away from you saddens me, however it hurts me to leave [I v°]the Visitation because I would no longer see Aunt, but if she wasn’t a nun and could come with us I would be very happy to go and see you again, for I love you so much. It is true that I must pursue my education and I know that the Visitation is one of the best boarding schools but it is very hard being so far from one’s parents.

Dear Mother, Aunt interceded for us [2 r°] with the Superior so that we didn’t lose our awards. I hope you are all well and that your throat no longer hurts for I would be very upset if you died. Father, I am going to hurry up and learn so as to join you again, for I think I will be so happy when I’m no longer far away from my dear parents but I will be upset all the same because I will only see Aunt rarely and that will cause me pain.

[2v°] I hope the two little bullfinches are still in good health for I haven’t forgotten them either.

Dear Parents there is a new little girl who arrived at New Year she is eleven years old and can already speak Italian and English the other day she told us some fables in English.

Dear parents I will finish my letter by sending lots of tender kisses to you as well as my little sisters and Louise

Your respectful and affectionate little daughter

Marie Martin.

[2v°tv] Dear Mother I’ve just been to the visiting room to see Mrs. Leconte (one of Mr. Martin’s cousins, Mrs. Hila­rion Leconte née Claire Bohard, or more likely, a close friend of Mrs. Martin, much loved by the latter, who would die on 3rd May 1874) she is very kind to us for she brought us half a dozen large oranges and two bags of sweets one of which contained pralines and the other sugar-coated almonds.

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