From Marie Martin to Thérèse - May 26 ,1885

From Marie to Thérèse.

May 26, 1885

After Thérèse's second Communion, Marie spent a few days on vacation with the Guérins at Deauville.

Poor little Martyr,

You have nothing, then, except disappointments. It's sad.

Well, I shall return soon to protect you and to share my visit with you since I promised you this. We were talking about you this morning when we were taking our chocolate. We're well treated at Aunt's house. That's true! I have remained for the bouquet, and, as a reward for allowing me to leave, I'll bring back a bouquet from your cousins and Aunt on Friday. Aunt is so good to all of us.

The sun is hardly as cheerful at Trouville as it is at Lisieux, dear Thérèse, but, to make up for it, we are laughing in its stead. Yesterday, it was raining from time to time. They wanted to stop me from opening my umbrella, and they were teasing me as much as they could. Poor farmer unaccustomed to wearing her beautiful Sunday clothes every day; she even has to protect herself from the fog. Well, it just can't be done. Oh! I am unhappy here in this chalet, which is so highly praised! Fortunately, under my window, I have silent little boats that say nothing to me.... How good it is to see them. They open their sails, and, then, very soft­ly, very softly, they go very far away, perhaps to catch some beau­tiful fish which God has made for us. God has done many things for us. So, little Thérèse, we must do very many good things for Him also. Let us go with our little boat to fish for pearls. There are many beautiful ones at the bottom of the sea which we are crossing. When Céline is a thief and when she tells her secrets at the Carmel, cast your net, dear little fisherman. A beautiful big pearl!

Adieu, Thérèse. Your letter isn't as long as Céline's, but I must think of Léonie. You will not be jealous now, you little rascal, or never again Marie's bed.

Jeanne and Marie kiss you. I gave them your pictures. You see that I didn't forget your messages; they thank you for them and find them very pretty.


Aunt is asking if you've finished the one for her which you began at Trouville.


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