From Marie Martin to Thérèse - May 3 , 1885

From Marie to Thérèse.

May 3, 1885

As agreed upon by M. and Mme. Guérin, Thérèse arrived at Deauville on Sunday, accompanied by her uncle.

Sunday, May 3

Well, Thérèse, I wasn't intending to write you, but here I am.

I gave you all my messages in Aunt's letter' so perfectly that there is nothing more to say. What to do? Ah! I'm really a fairy godmother who can refuse her big baby nothing. Here I am, then, freed from my baby! This morning, some lovable people were pleased to show an interest in my little nuisance whom they no longer saw at my side. I told them to go to Trouville to see what she had become under her beautiful straw hat.

While awaiting the return of the straw hat and its owner, I must work away and mend her dresses.... What a poor slave Marie is!... Gather some shells for her to fill up the holes when you make some more in your splendid dress with a thousand little pleats.... I am doing my best to take care of your little rabbit. He is well and he sends you all his little jumps as a sign of his love. Today, somebody came to see my beautiful May altar. Guess who? Félicité's sister. She saw mine in the garden, and to please her I had her visit all the May altars in the house. It's too bad there wasn't one in your little garden.

Au revoir, darling big baby. I have to go and pour the soup on the bread. That is altogether different from going out on the beach. It is seven o'clock and Félicité hasn't yet brought back the Abbey's lover. Léonie has been there since one o'clock this after­noon. Abbey, my loves!!! If I knew how to compose verses like Pauline, I would compose a pretty romance about it.

Meanwhile, the soup and bonsoir, Thérésion.

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