From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin - April 12, 1887.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin 12th April 1887.

(The Gospel that Marie of the Sacred Heart mentions was then read on Easter Wednesday.)

Dear father,

I find you are so kind that I don’t know how to thank you. When I saw the lozenges (barley sugar sweets) arrive this very evening, I was so touched that I couldn’t help coming to tell you. You are kind, so very kind to your fine pearl and diamond. And they want to shine and better themselves in order to bring joy to your life and be your sunbeam.

This evening it was I who did the reading in the refectory, as I was reading tomorrow’s Gospel where Our Lord appears to his disciples and eats roast fish with them (Jn. 21:1-14. The Carmel had maintained the custom of serving grilled fish on Easter Wednesday, in memory of that which the risen Lord had prepared for his disciples on a smouldering fire on the shore of Lake Tiberias)… [1 v°] Our Mother stopped me in the middle of my reading to tell everyone that tomorrow the roast fish was provided by you. So tomorrow, my darling Father, you will do for us what Jesus once did for his dear disciples. He was very kind to them!... As you are to us!... He loved St. Peter the fisherman very much! One day He had him make such an abundant catch that his net risked breaking… But St. Peter is not the only privileged one, I know another old fisherman whom He loves as much as St. [2 r°] Peter with his ever-renewed catches of fish. And his charity for us, how blessed it is by Him! Fortunate catches!! Yes his net is also on the brink of breaking. Jesus can’t hold back any longer so great is his love. Jesus loves his old fisherman so much that in return He has asked him for all the treasure in his boat; his children for Himself!...

Ah! He could do him no greater honour. He can’t tell him in a better way how much he cherishes him, and how well the old fisherman understands his Master’s language! How well he resembles St. Peter [2v°] as he runs along the shore! See how he cries out with St. John: “It’s the Lord!”

And how the Lord blesses him and up above will shower him with glory.

The old fisherman’s diamond

M. of the S. Heart

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