From Marie of the Sacred Heart to M. Martin - August 14 , 1887.

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to M. Martin

August 14, 1887

Dear little Father, would you tell Céline and Thérèse that I'd be very happy if they were to write a short note to Mother for tomorrow. Her name is Marie, and it is her feast day; not her real feast day, but it doesn't matter. In Carmel, we don't think twice before celebrating; in Carmel it's always a feast day. You remember how we used to say this: "They are always celebrating in Carmel!” Well, it's true. This is a proof that we are not inclined towards sadness. "The soul of the just man is a perpetual feast."

I believe, beloved Father, that you are not the least of the guests at this blessed table. May God grant you as much as you deserve.

Sister Agnes of Jesus, who is our painter in miniatures and house-painter on occasion, has written this beautiful passage from the psalms in our Mother's cell: "The Lord led them by a marvelous road; He Himself was their shelter by day and their starlight through the night." All of which I see as beautiful; I find this applies to you....

Your diamond,

Marie of the Sacred Heart


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