From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin - May 17, 1888.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin. 17th May 1888.


Carmel Thursday

Darling Father,

I’ve come to ask for forgiveness for all the pain I may have caused you in my life. I’m leaving my solitude especially to do this. Do not refuse your diamond your forgiveness or your blessing. Ah! It’s very sweet to come on the eve of such an alliance to beg for forgiveness from a father like mine. It’s very sweet for a diamond to insert herself into the heart of Jesus and not into that of a mortal spouse! And it’s very glorious for a revered father to be the object [1 v°] of such love in his children. O my dear Father, how happy I am! The world can’t understand it at all and it’s pointless trying to make it understand. The secret belongs to the King and to the souls He calls to Him! They are fortunate souls who have truly found the hidden pearl, the treasure that is buried in the field and that few discover… Yes, selling everything to buy it, leaving everything! And it’s still too little.

I will take my Profession on Tuesday, which won’t prevent the ceremony of my Taking of the Veil from being the following day. But Our Mother finds that it would be better for me to take my Profession the previous day; I’ll be calmer, and nearer [2 r°] to God. If you all want to come to Mass at the Carmel, it will be at 7 o’clock as usual. Do pray for me in the meantime, dear Father, so that I might prepare myself as best I can to become the spouse of the King of Heaven, of whom St. Agnes speaks when she says: “I already have a fiancé who loves me and whom I love. My fiancé is the One who is served by angels and whose beauty is admired by the stars in the sky.”

Farewell darling Father. Your poppet, your firstborn, asks for your pardon once again and more than ever wants to become the diamond in your crown.

Marie of the Sacred Heart

[2v°] If we could have the cream and pancakes for Tuesday it would be better than the following day for the following day is the seasonal fast (20th May 1888) and we won’t be able to eat pancakes or cream. May my little Céline tell Aunt this for it would be a waste of time sending us something on Wednesday.

Thank you to my dear father for the delicious mackerels etc... etc... for he is source of an endless string of kindnesses for us!

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