From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin - August 23, 1887.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin. 23rd August 1887.

J. M. J. T.

Tuesday evening (for St. Louis’ day on 25th August)


Darling father

I wish you a happy and holy feast day full of graces. May God keep you for many long years for your children who love you so much, for you are their ray of sunshine in this life or rather their Heaven together with Jesus. – At this time a year ago, four of us went up to your belvedere, which we had decorated with garlands and flowers. Do you remember? Since [1 v°] then, two have flown from the nest (Marie to the Carmel, and Léonie to the Visitation convent) but they still have wings and even though they don’t use them to return to the foreign earth that is the world, see how joyfully they return to you! O my dear Father, what will your doves, who have flown away, sing to you. Ah! all their love, all their gratitude! You who did not hold them back from flying to God, you who gave them away so generously, be forever blessed. May you be repaid a hundredfold in this world and in the next. May our darling mother who left for Heaven before us, join with us and bless you, together with [2 r°] the four little angels who are also yours! Five in the Homeland and five in exile! The family up above and that which is here below today form only one to celebrate your feast day.

Dear Father, I haven’t your fine pearl’s talent and I can’t offer you anything. Yet if I had something at the Carmel, I would say: “the verbenas in the bouquet are mine, and it is I who give them to you” for I looked after them all summer, but I have nothing thanks to God and I desire nothing. Which doesn’t prevent me from being, like in the old days, a very [2 v°] good gardener, whatever Sr. Madeleine says. This evening at recreation, the two of us had such fun (teasing each other). She says I burn my cuttings in the sun. It doesn’t surprise me, for she soaks hers every night in a bucket of cold water to get them to take root, so she finds my method funny.

Well, it was like the story of the two Invalids… do you remember? I said to her: “Sr. Madeleine, I accustom my flowers to hardship, they know me… the strongest survive; my cuttings and I resemble each other, we muddle through, thanks to God.”

See you soon darling father, it is late and everyone in the Carmel is in bed, I’m going to go to sleep as well and dream of you. Happy feast day! Happy feast day! As a present I’m offering you my Communion tomorrow (24th August was the anniversary of the founding of Saint Joseph’s convent in Avila).

Your diamond joins the last two jewels in kissing you with all her heart.

Marie of the S. Heart.

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