From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin – August 23, 1888.

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father Mr. Martin – 23rd August 1888

J. M. J. T.

Thursday 23rd August.


Darling Father,

So your lovely feast day has come round again. In heaven and on earth it is looked forward to with joy. Yes I think that in heaven our dear Mother and the four little angels must be smiling down on you and asking God to rain blessings upon you. He certainly doesn’t remain deaf to their requests because is there a father more blessed than you. Three daughters in the Carmel and the two others also for Jesus one day! What more could you desire? This is the supreme wealth that death cannot take away from us.

So poor Mr. David has left for everlasting life (Mr. Auguste David, Mrs. Guérin’s cousin, died in La Musse on 22/8/1888). What’s the use of possessing something here below where all things are vanity? Do you remember what Mother often used to say: “Oh! Tell me about the mysteries of this world that my desires can sense, and into which my soul, tired of earthly shadows, aspires to plunge itself. Tell me about He who made my soul and fills it with Himself. He alone can fill the immense emptiness He has created in me!...” Ah! even here below he fills this emptiness, even here below earth’s shadows disappear letting us glimpse the sweet brightness of Jesus’ Heart. We warm ourselves by this divine hearth, and the coldness of life soon disappears: the springtime of heaven begins. Yes, in Carmel this is how [2 r°] the diamond, the fine pearl and the Queen live, filled with the Lord’s gifts and also the favours of their dear father.

Are you pleased, dear Father, with the beautiful medallion of hair that our Mother has sent you? (Marie’s hair, which was cut after she took the Habit. At the time, the custom was to work head and beard hair into decorative motifs with glue. At the Carmel, Sister Saint John the Baptist was an expert in this art form). I am delighted with it. The hair of your poppet and eldest daughter forms the ivy and the cross is made entirely of your beard. Our Mother chose this subject especially for us two. Could it better suit she who loves you so much and says together with her emblem: “I attach myself or else I die”. We shall place the blond hair of your queen with your white beard, and so your youth and your old-age will be united to the beginning and the end of this chain of love which is called your children.

Before finishing my little feast day note I must thank you for the lovely big cassoulets that we are feasting on this week and also for the pears that I don’t want you to deprive yourself of for us.

May Jesus repay you for everything and may He keep you with us for many long years yet, O darling father. Your ivy has attached itself to you more and more since you gave it to God. Each day it grows new branches and new roots.

Each day the diamond grows brighter so that it might shine on your forehead in glory. There, united forever, we will eternally sing of the mercies of the Lord (Ps. 88:1). It’s such a joyful song which in advance causes us to forget the fatigues of the road.

Your eldest and firstborn now a Carmelite!

M. of the S. H.

[2v° tv] Our Mother joins us in wishing you a happy feast day.


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