From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin - July 23, 1888.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin. 23rd July (?) 1888.

Darling Father,

Thérèse of the Child Jesus is sending a note to Céline, and on this same occasion your diamond has come to say a little hello. But the poor diamond that’s still enclosed in its case has no significant news for you.

Oh, she doesn’t complain about it, she prefers this case to anything, for to her it’s worth more than the whole universe. The case of the Carmel! Ah, is it not lit up by a sunbeam from Heaven?... In this blessed light you can see all earthly things from far away [1 v°] like in a cloud, and they seem so small that we can’t thank God enough for having detached us from them.

O dear Father, how happy I am! Having no other worry than storing up treasure “there where thieves can’t steal it, and where rust and worms can’t destroy it (Mat. 6:19. At the time, Mr. Martin was busy investing considerable sums of money); this is such a safe investment and worthy of absorbing one’s whole heart. Pray for your diamond to be not too unworthy to shine in your crown, which should be so beautiful, it seems to me. When I think that one day we shall all be together in Heaven, forever free [2r°] from pain and sorrow, I’m surprised we think to lament over our poor little everyday problems that change into precious pearls at will. But like in the song you know, I do as the comrades do when they come across a little ditch that’s really easy to jump over, often “je seyis dret dans le mitant” (“I jump right in the middle”)… But God is so good that he comes running to pick us up and helps us to get back on the right path. Oh, yes, God is good! How grateful I am to him for having created the little insects called “bugs”. Thanks to them our darling father won’t go killing himself with fatigue in this Babylon that fire hasn’t yet raised to the ground, despite the predictions of the Queen of France and of Navarre. She used to babble about this in a little language of her own. Do you remember? It was really strange. We could have called our house the "forecast centre of
catastrophic events" because they were incessantly being talked about. Ah! God is not as rushed as that to punish his children. He is waiting until the last minute. How good he is!

See you soon, darling Father, I think the ducks at Les Buissonnets must be busy because the weather is dreadful. That’s how it is in this world, when some complain, others sing. As for us, we should always be singing because [1r° tv] every day we are nearing our Homeland where there will always be bright sunshine.

Your diamond who cherishes you

M. of the S. H.

The fine pearl is absorbed in her pictures. She sends you her love and kisses as does our Mother.

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