From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin - December 31, 1888.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin. 31st December 1888.

Jesus! Carmel 31st December 88

Darling Father,

For you, I desire the Heart of Jesus! Ah! It’s not too much for your new year’s gift. Your diamond wants to offer you nothing but that. She can’t find anything worthy of you except Jesus. No more, no less, He is everything! May Jesus keep you, delight you, may Jesus be your heaven in anticipation. “The soul of the righteous enjoys a continual feast” (Prov. 15:15) [1v°] Until the feast in Heaven, O beloved Father, be therefore always feasting. You deserve it! May Jesus fill you with His own joys, may He shower you with his gifts that are a thousand times more preferable than the things of this poor earth. Your diamond even here below would like to crown you! And your crown, after all, has it not begun being made? Are there not three jewels already in the hand of the divine Worker? In the Carmel, are there not three of us working on your crown? Does Jesus have no part to play? Oh, He’s an expert in this! What marvelous work he [2 r°] will do in our souls if we put no obstacle in his way. And then shouldn’t the two pearls who are sparkling at Les Buissonnets be counted as well? And our Mother in Heaven and the four angels who’ve flown away!... What a beautiful crown it will be for the grey-haired old father. It’s enough to make him young again! I’m not surprised that in Heaven in presence of all the joys that God has prepared for us there, in possession of God Himself, one goes into unending raptures. When you think about it seriously, even in this world the rapture begins. What bliss it is belonging to God! What a [2 v°] privilege! Father, I won’t run dry on this subject, I find I’m so, so happy with my lot. The world can make fun of us all it likes and not understand us. In the meantime we possess that which the world doesn’t possess. What a brilliant alliance we have! What a desirable future. Being the spouse of the king of kings! What an honour! And what have we done to deserve it?

See you soon, darling Father, who is so dear to your diamond. Happy and holy New Year! As a gift I’m sending you along with Jesus all the happiness with which my heart is filled.

Yours always,

Your poppet, your firstborn

Marie of the S. Heart


Thank you for the lovely fish and lovely onions!

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