From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin - May 5, 1887.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin. 5th May 1887 (?)

(Mr. Martin had just been ill, but the tone of the letter doesn’t convey excessive worry. This letter could therefore be following the paralytic attack he had on Sunday 1st May 1887.)

Thursday morning

Darling Father

So it seems one doesn’t go to Heaven without trampling upon roses?... Since I’ve been in the Carmel I’ve felt nothing but joy; and knowing you’re ill is a big thorn amid our flowers. It’s true; but as it is God who made it grow and because He loves us more than we could understand, I believe to surrender ourselves [l v°] to his love is to glorify and touch his Heart. Don’t we, your children, trust you, aren’t we very sure that you’ll only ever be good to us? Ah! God is the father of fathers, I say this and it’s like a balm for my heart. I say to myself: my God you love us so much, what reason do we have to fear you? Everything you do is good and today’s trial may disappear tomorrow if you want it to! Are you not the All-Powerful and infinitely good? These crosses, worries, and trials in life are oar strokes [2 r°] for me that push my little boat far out to sea and reveal us to be closer to the blessed shore and the unalloyed joy that awaits us over there. So all my energy goes in that direction and I’m hungry and thirsty to be a saint and to take advantage of everything on the way! Each to their own: some kill themselves for the goods of this world and their hair turns grey as they strive to win millions, like poor Mr. Romet (one of Mr. Martin’s friends in Alençon). As for us, are we not free to amass millions for the other life.

O my darling Father, when I think of the treasure you have amassed, I’m almost [2v°] afraid. Ah! May God not even dare think of giving it to you straight away. At times you’d think that He can’t wait to crown his Saints… It’s true that for Him, they must be feast days. But wait my God! You have eternity!...

Poor father, you have such ungrateful children! It’s a question of who can retain you on this earth of sorrows the longest. And if need be the whole Carmel will get involved. That would take God by storm! As All-Powerful as He may be, He would have trouble getting rid of us.

See you soon dear Father, what a pleasure it will be to see you when you can come to the visiting room.

When our incomparable Mother heard that you were ailing, tears sprung to her eyes, I didn’t know how to tell her. What a good Mother she is! She loves you as though you were her father. Ah! What an oasis this Carmel is in the desert of this world.

Your diamond

M. of the S. Heart

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