From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father M. Martin - February- March (?)1888.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin February? March? 1888.

Darling Father, I also want to slip a note into Céline’s envelope, it does me so much good to say thank you to you for the marine monsters you gave us. We have enough for a whole week of feasts, there are goods aplenty!... May God abundantly repay you for what you do for us. But I believe it is pointless prompting him to do this and that He won’t dare be indebted to his own. He is so rich and so good!... Beloved Father, you are truly one of his [v°] dearest ones, oh! yes, I believe that and it makes me beam with joy. In the absence of virtues, this makes your little diamond shine. So what do you mean to us?... I don’t believe he creates that many fathers who are as loved and revered as you are. I personally feel that I have ever-increasing affection in my heart for you.

If only I could give you all my happiness. I find I am happy on earth in my little boat, the Carmel, that is bound for Heaven. There’s never an adverse wind… God is protecting Noah’s arc! Ah! it’s so warm here and one isn’t tempted to set foot ashore at the port of the world.

Your daughter who cherishes you and who owes you everything,

M. of the S. H.

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