From Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father - January-February 1887.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin January-February 1887.

(Undated letter. A postulant’s admittance to the Taking of the Habit by the chapter members generally took place one or two months prior to the ceremony. Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart’s ceremony was fixed for 19th March).

J. M. J. T.


Dear Father

Today is washing day, so I haven’t time to write you a very long letter. Yet I must tell you my good news which is that I’ve been admitted to the Taking of the Habit (There are no details about this admittance, but it must have taken place before mid-February, for on Feb. 16, 1887, Fr. Pichon wrote: “I bless you with a joyful heart at the prospect of 19th March.”). Yesterday [v°] I made my official request for all the Sisters’ votes are needed. So, dear Father, thanks to God your Diamond was not thrown outside. May this diamond of yours allow Jesus, the divine Worker, to chisel it all the days of its life, so that in heaven it might be the most beautiful jewel in your crown.

Your eldest daughter,

Marie of the S. Heart


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