From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - March 1887 (prior to 19th).

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. March 1887 (prior to 19th).

I’m begging my little Céline to make me make a cardboard insert with gold thread for the pall we want to give to Father. The pall is the size of the paper I’m sending you, so the insert needs to be a bit bigger but very flat, so that it can hold the pall. You’ll know what to do. Hurry my darling to do this task and send it to me as soon as possible.

Also, don’t forget to tell Miss Léonie (Léonie Helloy, one of the Martins’ seamstresses) not to make my dress too short at the front, I’ll need at least a metre. Mention it to Aunt for I fear that the dear [v°] woman will play tricks on me. Bring with you Léonie’s little aster as well (Sr. Agnès’ brooch), that way we’ll be free to use it or not.

I kiss my three darlings. Let them rejoice at the thought that Jesus is waiting for them also!!!

M. of the S. H

Mrs. Danion (also directed by Fr. Pichon, and sometimes mentioned in his correspondence) wrote saying she won’t be able to come. If it’s cold put on your cloaks, you will take them off in the visiting room.

Send five little pots of chocolate desserts with the maid on Friday evening and she will be told the time of Mass at the same time.

Arrive at ¼ past midday on Saturday and tell Aunt to come at 1 o’clock, or ½ past 1 if she can’t (the ceremony must take place after Vespers, therefore at 2 pm. The novice would come out into the exterior chapel in a bridal gown and then go back via the door to the enclosure. Her family would accompany her to the threshold, hence the following sentence).

[v° tv] At the cloister door, approach very close so that our Mother may see you. You will have to remove your cloaks before-hand.

If Jeanne or Marie had a little cotton vest that wasn’t too big and that they wanted to lend me, but it’s not worth buying one, I might not wear it.

Kiss my dear father for me.

[r° tv] Ask Aunt if she will lend me her bracelet. Sr. Agnès is worried about it due to the short sleeves and bring the little brooch.

I would like to have my gloves to try them on in advance.

Don’t bring the brooch, our Mother would rather I didn’t have any jewelry.

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