From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Marie Guérin - June 28, 1887.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Marie Guérin. 28th June 1887.




My darling little Marie

I would have liked to write to Aunt but I don’t know whether I’ll have the time to write two letters and as you are sick my poor darling I’m starting with you. So that’s how you give us false joys; your letter was so cheerful, so funny, and so hearty, and now our little one who’s risen back to life is playing tricks on us again. It’s very [1 v°] bad Miss, there are quite enough miseries on earth without you meddling and causing us more of the same. Our poor Mother is sick too, so there are sorrows on all sides… So much so that while some are sick in body, others are in heart. Which is better? My poor Marie, I mustn’t lament all the time for that would hardly amuse you. So what can I tell you? I haven’t had any mishaps since my last letter, but Céline has a very sad one to tell you about: the death of her little bluebird which died last night. Papa told us this morning that the remaining one appears very joyful at being rid of his wife, he is continually [2 r°] chirping (the “widow” would die on 29th). But I believe the poor little husband was crying; birds are not like people, they cannot show their sorrow in another way. Thérèse almost said a funeral prayer for the deceased. It seemed she encouraged Céline to resignation; finally, to soften bitter regrets they have decided to have it stuffed. Léonie came to the visiting room and brought us the unfortunate little widow in a cage, he even came through the enclosure. Now that he’s tasted the delights of the Carmel how can he not start enjoying life again? But he has no soul… poor little one! He’s not waiting for Heaven like us. Farewell my darling, let us, we [2v°] who are waiting for it, endure our small and big sorrows as best we can. One day there’ll be nothing but joys, one day in Heaven we shall all go for lovely long walks through meadows studded with the kind of flowers that don’t blossom here below.

See you soon my big baby (Marie Guérin would turn 17 years old on 22nd August), get well very soon so that you don’t make our hearts suffer as we wait for beautiful heaven, which can only be bought, alas! through suffering.

Your big sister

Marie of the S.H.

Don’t forget my darling aunt and little Jeanne. And is dear Marcelline taking good care of you? [2 v°] Don’t forget her either.