From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Fr. Pichon - May 20-21, 1888.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Fr. Pichon. 20st‑21st May 1888.

(…) I don’t want my wedding day to be overshadowed by tears; it must be a day of celebration and joy. The Bridegroom is free to ask his bride for the prettiest flower in her bouquet. Is not that the pledge of a jealous love? And I would complain about it! And I would have the strength to cry as I offered him my flowers, as I leant on his arm…

The angels must also be able to say of me: “Who is this coming up from the desert leaning on her Beloved? (Cant. 8:5)?” It is from the desert that I want to come with Him, from the desert of my desires, satisfactions, and all of myself.

What do you want from me, earthly joys, and passing joys?... I have the joy of Jesus’ Heart to take care of. He has suffered enough for me to console him, He has granted me enough graces for me to freely give to him without holding back.

And you, incomparable joys of the heart that come from the paternal heart, what do you want from me, tell me? Messengers of the Heart of Jesus, haven’t you come to draw me nearer to Him? Yes, transformed into sacrifices, you leave for the Homeland ahead of me. I am flying away with you, increasingly detached from all things here below. I’ll see you again one day! See you soon, my joys! See you soon, blessed seeds wanting to flower immortal.

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