From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - End of May 1889.

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. End of May (?) 1889.

Darling Céline, it’s not this saucepan but the cast iron one that has a handle on each side and that can be used every day. Could Maria bring it to us together with a bottle of syrup? I would really like to have the bottle tomorrow morning, I’m so happy when someone I love (Mother Marie de Gonzague) has something other than water to drink. And I have nothing left, not a penny in the world, my expectation is in you and my poor little Léonie alone.

Darling Célin1, don’t cry… life is a dream… a night… less than that, a flash, nothing! compared with eternity. One day we will rejoice to have suffered. At the hour of our death this will be our only [v°] wealth, the only thing we can take beyond the grave. O darling little sister, in the light of this trial, which shines brightly among all others, see the nothingness of the wretched joys of this poor life. And as we can’t live without happiness, think of the happiness that can’t be translated into words, which “no heart of man can fathom, and no eye has ever seen (1 Co. 2:9)”, which is the happiness in Heaven! Let us scorn life! The Bl. Virgin suffered even more than us when she saw her Jesus crucified, dying in atrocious suffering. After that, can we complain? Don’t you see that Jesus is treating us as the chosen ones of his heart?

M. of the S.H.

PS from Mother Marie de Gonzague.

[r°tv] My Céline, wait for a reply from Mr. Vallée so that you can bring it to us: I remain with you always my petit Célin1.


1 Terms of affection.

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