From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 5, 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. 5th April 1889.

My little Céline, I’ve just received a letter from Uncle who is not happy you’re not coming to Lisieux, he says it’s absolutely necessary and that remaining shut away like you two are is not good for your health. Come tomorrow; you will spend Sunday (7th April) with them, you mustn’t hurt them. I was wrong to agree with you. If Papa became more ill, we would be able to send you a telegram from there. This will be the last time you see us in the visiting room; the Turn quarters are going to be demolished.

See you tomorrow, dear little sisters. Don’t mention the ban to Uncle; he explained to me what he wanted to do.

I send you lots of hugs and kisses

M. of the S. Heart

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