From Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - November 1886.

From Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline. November 1886

For Céline

Does my hope no longer want to be called hope? And yet it’s my darling little sister that is my hope! From her I expect all that is very good and devoted. My dear little Céline, always be a little star in the heavens of my life.

May I see you shine gently and joyfully, [1 v°] brightening two lives: that of our kind father and that of your little sister who is now entrusted to you. Yes, you shall do this and it’s already done, you shall rejoice and dry their tears, you shall be their smile and their peace in the household. But on the way, darling, there’ll be many little thorns. It’s true: but [2 r°] Jesus will hide roses there. He will give you back the flowers you give to others and his have such a sweet scent!

You’ll see once [2 v°] you’ve made some sacrifices! That’s all there is in life. My poor darling, it’s not for me to preach to you, as I have to work as hard as you do.

But Heaven is at the end!

Your Marie who loves you

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