From Marie Martin to Céline - May 26, 1885.

From Marie to Céline. 26th May 1885.

Dear little Céline

I was very pleased to receive your letter, you did well to break through my defenses. For your trouble I’m going to reply to you and Thérèse straight away. I can see, Céline, that you have become a thief in my absence. Thérèse complains that you took up all of her time in the visiting room. Just wait until I boss you about. Ah! Yes, farewell problems; farewell [1.v°] troublesome little Céline who pinches my cheeks while gnashing her teeth, who corners me wherever I go, who makes me two years older in one hour with her pestering.

And yet I shall still be glad to see her on Friday: she who is my petit Célin of old, and whom I so loved as she took her first steps on the desk in Rue du Pont-Neuf, shouting to us: “Again, again!” In those days, you were very kind, you didn’t bury your head in your shoulders like a tortoise and you didn’t resemble the lady who laughs at the sun while baring her teeth. I’m [2 r°] teasing you again…I’m always teasing poor Céline. What do you expect! I’m her persecutor.

Come now, I must find better ways of entertaining her. Yesterday we had a visit from Alice Colombe and Mr. Colombe, who spread out all the riches of his cellar on the table. Now I can only picture him surrounded by bottles. Like it or not I had to drink his wine. I closed my eyes against it and amid my bliss I was longing somewhat after the 26th May which has finally arrived. This morning I went to Mass at N.D. des Victoires, from the top of the [2 v°] steps I watched the sea in the distance. It’s so beautiful. But we’ll see a good many more beautiful things in heaven, so we must try, Céline, not to mess things up or take a wrong turn.

In the meantime, good luck for the trip, become as rich as you can so that you may have an even prettier chalet than the one I’m living in.

My aunt finds you’re very crafty with your month of July. What pressing occupations… If only you helped poor Félicité care for my darlings (the rabbits), I would understand. Finally let your quill rest until then because you have promised so faithfully.


[I r° tv] Do thank Papa for his little note, I would like to reply. But poor Léonie wouldn’t have a letter and she would be hurt by this, give him a big kiss from me. Jeanne is very pleased with your letter but she hasn’t had time to reply due to her drawing.

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