From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 27, 1887.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred-Heart to Céline. 27th April 1887.

Darling child, tomorrow you will be 18 years old! My heart needs to wish a happy 18th birthday to you!... you who is my hope and my joy, you who replace me at the side of our old father whom we must love so much…

I spent all my silent time picking flowers for you. I wanted only the wildflowers that open with the sun and look to God. The others need a stranger’s hand. Little [1 v°] Céline, be Jesus’ little daisy, smile at Him alone, open up your corolla at the sun of his love… He is all there is!... What joy to think that you shall be His! Eighteen years! They are not for the world since you want to belong to Jesus. Oh, how wonderful it is to be eighteen years old and have nothing but Jesus in one’s heart!

Farewell darling, life passes as swiftly as a shadow… To think that you [2 r°] whom I saw so little, is already 18! I’m sending you a picture of the Child Jesus who’s waiting for you and wants you for his own!...

Your sister who cherishes you as a mother.

Marie of the S. Heart.

Tomorrow think that in Heaven your true Mother is also smiling upon her little daughter… You must never forget this day. She’s there even though she’s up above!

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