From Sister Marie‑Dosithée to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin (and to Mrs. Martin) - January 28, 1877

From Sister Marie‑Dosithée to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin (and to Mrs. Martin) - 28th January 1877.

From our Mtery in Le Mans

28th January 1877


My dear Brother and my Dear Sister,

I can’t resist my need to write you a few more lines; despite my great tiredness. The day is now coming to an end, and I’m just starting, not having had the strength to start earlier.

I want to thank you again for your affection for me and for the most affectionate and generous letter that my dear Sister sent me; I also thank God for having given me such a good family. Thank you my good brother, thank you my dear sister; God, God alone will be your recompense, I have entrusted you to his care, I am at peace on your account, you will succeed; but once prosperous, do not rise above yourselves, may your tastes and lifestyle remain modest; share your abundance with the poor, and you will meet your last (1v°) day with a smile on your faces. Now dear brother sorry oh yes sorry I have so much to reproach myself for with regard to your education, but it was all the result of my not knowing how to go about it for I didn’t lose heart for one minute at the task.

The same goes for you, my dear Zélie; my strength prevents me from writing to you, but thank you, sorry; I’ve always loved you, you know that!

I sense that you wish me to speak to you a little about myself: I am gradually growing weaker, the pain is running its course ever so slowly; yesterday I couldn’t take a few steps in my bedroom without the risk of fainting, I don’t think I’m any better today: my feet and legs are prodigiously swollen and covered with erythema rashes, but it isn’t very painful, my left hand is beginning to swell up, it’s not, much, it’s just that instead of having a thin hand, it’s chubby. Anyway I feel life leaving me little by little; my throat is also painful; I can go on for a long while yet because everything’s happening so slowly and I’m still eating quite well. I can also take Holy Communion every day, which is the most important thing for me. God is so good that I’m stronger at that moment than two hours later. Everyone is so good to me here that I sometimes feel smothered by it. Our Rev. Mother in particular showers me with care and unprecedented attention, the Sacred Heart alone can recompense so much devotion.

Goodbye, Dear Brother, goodbye dear sister, goodbye dear Zélie, may we all be united in the Sacred Heart you will always find me there, because I shall die there and stay there for all eternity. The dear little nieces, I thank them for their prayers and I pray Our Lord to bless them, as I prayed for him to bless their cousins.

Your entirely devoted and affectionate sister.

Sr. M. Dosithée Guérin

Of the Von of Holy Mary

B. B. G.


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