From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin - February 23, 1870

From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin.

From our Monastery in Le Mans

23rd February 1870

My dear Sister,

Sursum Corda ! We lift up our hearts!. . . Our Angel is in heaven (little Hélène Martin died on the morning of Tuesday, 22nd February) and without having known earth’s sufferings, she passed from the arms of her beloved Mother into those of the Lord, with her white Baptismal robe.

Oh my dear little sister, how happy I am to see your faith so profound and your resignation. You will soon meet once more those you mourn and whom you have loved so much, and you will never be separated from them again. Yes, your crown will be lovely and most beautiful; your heart is in the wine-press, but by accepting every divine will, a balm will issue forth that delights God’s Heart.    

If you could come and see me we would console each other, and seeing your two little girls here would do you good. I am writing with them at the moment, they are suffering greatly, but the hope of heaven consoles them, they would also very much like to console their poor parents.

How different is God’s design from ours! We wanted to keep this child, she was so promising but who can know the future?. . . No, we must not be unduly saddened by our little Hélène’s departure, does she not possess the real treasure that she might have lost later on. Therefore, let us rejoice in our hearts to see this pure dove fly to her Creator’s house before having sullied her innocent feet in the mire of sin.

I am calm and at peace in my sadness, I feel deep in my heart that I wouldn’t like anything else to have happened than what God has done; he is no less lovable when he takes away than when he gives!

I cannot help but find you fortunate for having given to Heaven little chosen ones, they will be your crown and your joy. And what’s more, one day you will receive the magnificent reward for your unwavering faith and trust . . . . . . . . (…. ) you can be sure that the Lord will bless you and that the sum of your troubles shall equal that of the compensation he has reserved for you; because after all if God is pleased with you and is good enough to give you the great saint you have wanted so much for his glory, will this not be a great recompense?   



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