From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin – February 15, 1867

 From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin

V + J (Live Jesus)

From our Monastery in Le Mans

15th February 1867

Dear little Sister,

I received your telegram yesterday evening at half past 5, our little angel (Joseph) was already in Heaven. Dear Sister, how can I console you? I am in need of consolation myself, I am trembling all over and yet wholly resigned to God’s Will. He gave him to us, He took him away, blessed be his holy name!

I will tell you that, since his birth, I have always had a feeling this would happen; he was wished for within precise conditions which, in the century we are living in, can only be met by dying at his age. 

Poor little child he is in heaven, without having experienced life’s sufferings, he did not offend God, he will present his Creator with his spotless baptismal robe, he will be his family’s protector. I will now always pray to him for graces, because, dear Sister, believe it, the charity of those who dwell in heaven is primarily  directed towards their family and those who were good to them here on earth. 

This morning, at Holy Communion, as I was praying to Our Lord that we might keep him (Sister Marie-Dosithée had as yet only received the telegram sent on the 14th and not the letter telling her of little Joseph’s death), saying that moreover we wanted to bring him up only for his glory and to win over poor souls, I thought I heard the answer within me that "He wanted the first fruits and would give you another child later who would be just what we wished for."

One more word of comfort: these little angels do not all have the same bliss, but their glory depends on their conformity with Jesus Christ, in suffering. Therefore, since your poor little Joseph suffered greatly, even if it was unconsciously, he has earned an enormous amount of glory. 

You ask me whether your child loves you, whether he will recognize you in heaven, whether you will see him again? I only have one thing to tell you, and that is that there is not a shadow of a doubt about this. I personally, in the midst of my pain, feel acute joy when I think of this blessed soul who is protecting us and watching over us with tender affection.

I think my dear little Zélie that you would do well to come and see me, we will console one another; but more importantly write to me as often as you want, I will try to console you as best I can.

If only you knew how good the community is!. . . Yesterday I had you recommended to their prayers; all our sisters showed me such sympathy on this occasion that I remain deeply grateful to them. Earlier our Mother took me out of prayers to console me and told me to write to you, she is all thoughtfulness and charity, and I pray that God gives her back a hundred fold everything that she does for us.

And your poor husband, how distressed he must be! Tell him that this letter and all the feelings I express in it are for him also.




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