From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin - July-August 1866.

From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin. July-August 1866.

V. + J. (Live Jesus)

Dear Sister,

I haven’t got the time to write a very long letter. Firstly I am well, and hope you and your family are too. I would like you to nurse your little Pauline; I think that if you nursed her as I suggest the poor little girl would soon recover. Start first with cod liver oil, if you knew how good it is for children, we have poor little creatures who look as though they won’t last 2 days, who recover strength and vigour after a few months of this remedy which children take much more easily than older people. Then send her to the countryside for a month or two with safe people who will not endanger your child’s innocence in the slightest and there she should be fed well; and I assure you she will recover very quickly, although this angel would be much happier going to heaven, but if the Lord wants her life to be preserved, we will attempt with his grace to make a saint out of her.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear about your children’s successes (the children then went to the Providence in Alençon. It would not be until October 1868 that they would become boarders at the Visitation convent in Le Mans), congratulate them for me and tell them that their aunt will be very pleased to see them next year if they continue to be good. I think you did well to send Marie to boarding school to relieve you and at the same time allow her to form good judgment. It is exceedingly displeasing that she has this tendency to have scruples, do not speak to her so much about her soul or fear of staining it, because in the end this excessive fear will do her more harm than good. In short I would like her to fall into the hands of an able teacher who will guide her in expanding her trust in God.

Dear sister, I pray every day to the Lord that he may sustain you in all your trials, but be strong it will end and the reward will be limitless felicity for these passing and temporary toils.

I would have liked you to give me some details about our future sister-in-law; anyway I hope that the Blessed Virgin will have a hand in it so that our poor brother finds happiness in this world and the next.

Dear little sister what more can I say except that I love you tenderly, more than you believe. Send me the size of the Bl. Virgin’s head (the statue of "the Virgin of the Smile") and we will ask permission to make her a crown.

With my love dear sister.

Your affectionate sister.

Sr. M. Dosithée Guérin

of the Von of Holy Mary

B. B. G.

[2r° tv] If you would be so good as to see if you can find some cloth that is the same as the model, and is the same in colour and lightness as the model, in short we would like ½ a length or a length if we cannot have less. I think that before confirming we need to know the price.



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