From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin – February-March 1863

From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin. February-March 1863. Extract.

…. . . .You asked me whether you should teach your little daughter to read (Marie, who had turned 3 on 22nd February): if she was mine I would begin, but without pestering or annoying her. You can buy very enjoyable alphabets where children learn to read while playing, and without forcing her you can encourage her to read to please little Jesus. I urge you to instill God’s love in her little heart and to give her a really strong Christian education. Children today are so badly brought up that we do not know how to go about instructing them in virtue when they come to us (At the boarding school run by the Visitation nuns in Le Mans). The parents are pious but as they cannot refuse their children anything they go their own way and become so full of themselves and their way of doing things that later on when they want to give themselves to God, they have a great deal of trouble overcoming their difficulties. Do not do the same, for yours, teach them to live in a spirit of sacrifice and to be obliging in order to please God.


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