From Marie Martin to her parents Louis and Zélie - January 28, 1872.

From Marie Martin to her parents Louis and Zélie - January 28, 1872.

Sunday 28th January 72.

Dear Parents,

I’m writing this letter because I think Miss Pauline (Pauline Romet, Pauline’s godmother) will come next Thursday and that she will give you our news when she goes back to Alençon.

I hope, dear parents, that you are well and that Mama [lv°] has recovered for I pray to God every day for you. Dear Mother, we did a grammar exercise the day before yesterday and I came first, I only lost half a mark. Aunt had told me that if I was very good all would go well. I am going to try to please her by being on the honours roll for I know she would be very pleased and so would you, Mama, I’m sure. However yesterday [2r°] I wasn’t good at the beginning of my history lesson but I’m going to be better now because I don’t want to get discouraged it brings bad luck. If only you knew, darling Mother, how much Pauline loves Aunt, every day she says: Oh, dearest, if only you knew how good Aunt is! I can see that she now recognizes everything Aunt does is for our good, she is indeed very good to us she does everything she [2v°] can to please us she said to Pauline that tomorrow she would see us and would give us a surprise as it was the feast of St. Francis de Sales.

And you, darling Father, if only you knew how much I think of you and Mama, the memory of you is always present. Again this morning I said to myself today is Sunday, what bliss it would be to be with our dear parents but I would like Aunt to come home with us too that way we’ll never feel [2v°tv] sad. Yesterday we heard the cathedral’s great bell chime and Pauline said: That big bell upsets me because it reminds me of Alençon. Mother, the letter you sent me comforted me but I am so glad when they are really long, please tell Louise and Léonie that I will write them a letter soon.

Goodbye dearest Parents, I send my tender love to you as well as to my little sisters and Louise.

I forgot to tell you I won the rosette.

Your respectful and affectionate little daughter

Marie Martin

Dear Mother, Sister Marie Paula has just told me I will be taking Communion tomorrow. I will pray to God for you and will ask God for the grace to become as good as Aunt.

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