From Mme Guérin to Mme Martin - July 29, 1877.

From Mrs. Guérin to Mrs. Martin. (29th) July 1877.

Dear Sister

We are very saddened by your dreadful situation and we would very much like to be able to relieve you. But we are so far away from you that we can’t even visit you. We are sending you Sister Marie Dosithée’s Cross, hoping that it will help you bear your sufferings. They are very cruel, and it is very difficult to bear them. You did well to see the doctor, I think the pain won’t remain so acute, it will undoubtedly subside. Poor sister, how you must be suffering; we hardly stop thinking about you, I assure you, and we are full of admiration on seeing your resignation and the energy with which you bear all of this.

It’s really admirable. You did well to send for a Sister of Mercy for poor Marie and Louise wouldn’t have been enough despite all their good will. [1 v°] You yourself will be much better for it. Oh, my dear sister, we would so like to do you a bit of good, do you a few kindnesses. We can only sympathize in your suffering and pray for you, but be sure that our affection and prayers (even though they are very feeble and very imperfect, it’s true) are with you.

Farewell, dearest Sister, let us continue to always put all our hopes in the Heart of Jesus and take heart. I send all my love to you and to Mr. Martin. My husband also sends all his love; we hope for an alleviation of your pain.

Your wholly devoted sister

C. Guérin

Post-scriptum by Mr. Guérin:

If you wish, I could go on ahead of the others and see you alone one day (30th July). See the Doctor every day, he will be able to soothe you. But you know that he won’t come back unless you tell him to when he visits.

A thousand kisses

I. Guérin

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