From Mme Guérin to Mme Martin - Mid-June 1877.

From Mrs. Guérin to Mrs. Martin. Mid-June 1877

Dear Sister


The dear Pigeon ladies would recommend themselves to your prayers, but they know they needn’t to ask you, they are sure you won’t forget them in Lourdes, only they task the Miss Martins to say a Memorare to O .L of Lourdes for an old gentleman, Mr. Jourdain. He is a great friend of the (…) go and find the good Chaplain (could it be Father Martignon whom Mrs. Martin evoked at length in her letter dated 24th June?)

(…) stay as I said with the parish priest of Lourdes, right next to the church of Lourdes, if you don’t find it, (…) Farewell, dear Sister, we send all our love to you, as well as to Mr. Martin and your children

Your wholly devoted sister C. Guérin

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