From Isidore Guérin to his sister Mme Martin - December 28, 1868.

From Isidore Guérin to his sister Mme Martin - December 28, 1868.

Dearest Sister,

I am again appealing to you to ask you to find us a cook. For many reasons too numerous to enumerate here ours is leaving (in a week). If you knew of one I would ask you to let us know as soon as possible. I went to Paris a fortnight ago and made many purchases for my pharmacy and among other things some toys for your little girls. There are two that require work which are for your two eldest ones – A little train set for the third and a game for the fourth. The game is played like a raffle. Letters replace the numbers; it’s to learn to read. As for the train set, you take [1v°] the locomotive and its tender and you curve them like this so that it turns in a circle, you attach the coaches by their hooks, you put the boiler on the locomotive and the driver in his little cabin then with the key, you wind up the spring that is on the side of one of the wheels, you remove the key and the train moves on its own. You can make it go straight by putting the locomotive and tender in a straight line, but it would hit against the walls and break. I will put it all on the train tomorrow. I am taking advantage of this opportunity to wish you and Louis and your family as happy a new year as I wish for myself and that’s saying something. What I wish you above all is rest, peace of heart and mind and good health. Believe that my wife shares these wishes with me; the dear lady loves you too much not to wish you all that is useful and pleasant.

[2r°] We hope to hear from you soon and most importantly you will tell us how you find your two eldest daughters after having seen them, for I hope you will go and fetch them. Give them our love and send our best wishes to our dear sister in Le Mans for us.

Your devoted brother who sends you all his love.

I. Guérin.

My wife and little daughter are well – My wife has been a little tired these last 3 weeks, she hurt her foot and it is having difficulty healing.

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