From Sister Marie‑Dosithée to Mrs. Martin - November 6, 1876

From Sister Marie‑Dosithée to Mrs. Martin. 6th November 1876.

V. J. (Live Jesus)

As Pauline told you, my health is the same; I can go on like this for a very long time, I didn’t think I’d be so hard to kill, anyway I am still joyful and happy, God is so very good!

How charming Pauline is! And such a good pupil, she is pleased with all her teachers, and is continually overjoyed!!

Dear Marie I think about you a great deal and I love you dearly; be pious my child, someone who receives communion every week must practice a lot of devotion, say the rosary, meditate, read pious books and aspire frequently to God. Tell me if we must write every week.

With my love to all of you, and to Céline in particular.

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