From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin - March 1872

From Sister Marie‑Dosithée to Mrs. Martin. March 1872.

V. + J. (Live Jesus)

My dear sister.

I am writing you this little note to ask you if you would mind running a little errand for me. We asked the Sisters in St. Vincent de Paul to oblige us by giving us some of their mint heads to plant, we asked them for 40 heads, although we need a hundred. Ask these ladies if there is a gardener who would be able to provide what they cannot send us and be good enough to send us the lot, when it is time to transplant them; if that cannot be before the Easter holidays, those who will accompany their children back to school could bring them; if it is Sr. Félicité (extern sister of the Visitation convent in Le Mans) who is bringing them back she will deal with the errand, but if on the other hand it has to be pricked out now, send it by train or with the courier.

I don’t yet know if Sister Félicité will be able to go to Alençon, we have two extern sisters ill, it’s true that between now and then one of them will have recovered but not the other; anyway I haven’t mentioned it not knowing whether you wanted Mr. Romet to bring them, think about it.

Goodbye dear sister, the three of us are well. Last Thursday, their day out the little girls enjoyed themselves very much, they have more fun here than when they go out, the teachers do all they can to amuse them, there were even some children who went out with their parents and who would have preferred to stay.

Marie is saying her prayers for the month of St. Joseph, with great fervour, I asked her to say a novena for me she began a day early so that the Saint has time to answer my prayer (it is important he be informed in time to prevent overburdening him) also she intends to say one for Pauline before her first communion and she will begin so that she finishes two days beforehand, because, in her own words “she will have to go to confession and grace must be obtained for that moment”; in short she is very kind. Pauline has not yet developed much devotion this is disappointing, ask the Poor Clares to pray for her. [v°] anyway pray that it may come to pass, until then I send you all my love.

Your affectionate sister

Sr. M. Dosithée Guérin.

B. B. G.

If we can’t have a hundred heads of mint we could make do with 60, we will pay what is necessary.

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