From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - December 17, 1876.

From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - December 17, 1876.

Dear Mother,

You last letter was very amusing. Our Mother found it so funny that she read it in front of the whole community. I am very happy to inform you that she is willing to let me leave as from a week on Wednesday (27th December) as you requested. I am very happy about this and am very much looking forward to spending a few days among you all. I hope [1v°] everybody is well at home. I’ve been waiting for a letter from you all week dear Mother, because Aunt and I thought you were going to answer all my questions. It’s true that the answer isn’t absolutely necessary at the moment, it can wait a week. I can’t really believe that in such a short space of time I will have the pleasure of seeing you dear Mother, and of kissing you again. My God, how unfortunate are the poor children who no longer have a mother, and especially when she is as good as you… It seems Marie is very much looking forward to seeing me at New Year and that Thérèse is making little preparations, and I am [2r°] also looking forward to seeing my dear little sisters again!...  

Dear Aunt continues to be in as much suffering as before, however her condition has not worsened since the last time I sent you news… deep down in my heart I’m still clinging on to the hope she will recover. God is All-Powerful and so good!... Seeing our great confidence, he will of course be moved. So let’s continue to pray, dear Mother, and not grow discouraged.

Our Mother’s feast day is on Monday, it has been postponed because Sister Marie Stanislaus is sick. We will perform the play that evening. I am overwhelmed with work at the moment, I don’t know how I found enough (2 v°)time to write my two letters, Marie’s is as long as the other times, and yet I only spent ¾ hour writing them both.

Goodbye dear Mother, please be good enough to give my love to Papa, my little sisters and Louise…

Your darling little daughter Pauline

The Visitation. 17th December 1876

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