From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - December 3, 1876.

From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - December 3, 1876.

                                                                        3rd December 1876.

Dear Mother

I received your long letter a fortnight ago, and I am expecting to hear news from you soon. I hope that Céline’s little upset didn’t come to anything, she is so often sick…… what a different temperament she has to our robust Thérèse…… I often think about our dear babies, they are my delight during the Holidays…

The Bishop came back from Rome at ½ past 9 yesterday morning. We are looking forward to his visit but it is likely that we will be kept waiting for a few days… We are all hoping to have a day off and besides it was promised to us by the Bishop himself before he left for Rome… He will come to see us on behalf of the Holy Father… so if he could prolong our Holidays at New Year, what bliss it would be.

I have been asked to tell you, dear Mother, that Aunt won’t be able to write to you during Advent. She also told me to inform you of the current state of her health. Her temperature has dropped a lot and her appetite has returned somewhat but her breathing is much more difficult than a month ago. She can hardly talk. However I am still hoping that one day we’ll have the pleasure of noting a full recovery. There will be [2r°]greater joy on earth than in heaven of course!... But in the meantime I am praying hard so that God will at last answer our prayers.

So New Year’s Day is approaching fast, what bliss it will be to be reunited again. Dear Mother, I would very much like you to tell me in your next letter whether I need to write and send my Happy New Year’s letter to my Uncle and Aunt in Lisieux here, or whether I should write it at home.

We will celebrate Our Mother’s feast day a week on Tuesday on 13th December, we will perform a play entitled la Chaumière Bretonne ou la Malédiction d'une Mère… we are enjoying the rehearsals immensely, they are thoroughly [2 v°] amusing.

Last Wednesday we had a day off for St. Catherine’s day (the holiday to be observed on Saturday 25th was postponed until Wednesday 29th). Sister Marie Louise de Gonzague read us a lovely story, we worked for the poor, and in a word the day seemed very short, because our time was put to excellent use. Sister Marie Aloysia gave me a large dress to make, it is progressing well at the moment, but it has taken me a long time, and my little shirts won’t be finished, however I will try to bring Thérèse’s.

Goodbye beloved Mother, I send my love and kisses to you as well as Papa, my little sisters and Louise

Your little darling


[2v°tv] I’ve just been with Aunt, dear Mother, and I now regret having given you such good news of her health… She has been worse these last few days; her temperature has risen as high as before and she is having more difficulty breathing. Let’s double our prayers, we must never lose hope…

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