From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - November 5, 1876.

From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - November 5, 1876.

5th November 1876.

Dear Mother,

I saw Aunt today for about a quarter of an hour, she told me to write to you saying that her condition is still the same, which is also what I think. I pray every day for God to give her back full health, but I’m not the only one since you, dear Mother, and all the family are addressing such fervent prayers to heaven. If we continue praying, God will eventually be moved, will he not? That is my greatest hope, He is so good!...

[1v°] I’m delighted to hear your news dear Mother. Thursday is our day off, it has been postponed because of All Souls’ Day which fell on the first Thursday of the month. I hope I’ll receive a letter from you that day.

I wrote a long letter to Marie today, she won’t complain… but I can’t really write her so much every Sunday; I am obliged to finish her letter this morning, when I wanted to do it last night, we were surprised with a visit from the Bishop, who came to say farewell, because he is going on a pilgrimage to Rome.

I am happy to be able to tell you dear Mother that I still really enjoy the first lesson, I imagined many things that are not so… but we have such good teachers that it’s impossible not to understand eventually. It’s Sister Marie Louise de Gonzague who takes us for history, if only you knew how much she is loved at the boarding school. [21 r°] As for me, I haven’t enough good words for her… Ah! How true are the following words: Holiness attracts all hearts!

Sister Marie Louise (Sister Marie-Louise Roulleau) is our Grammar and Geography Teacher. The latter are interesting but how I prefer Grammar lessons. If only you knew, dear Mother, how amusing they are… Sister Aloysia is still our Cosmography Teacher, I am very happy to be still attending her classes … she’s such a dear Teacher…

My affection for her hasn’t changed… oh no!... I’ll always love her this much, never have I felt so fond of a person. But that doesn’t stop me from loving all my other Teachers… Besides, how can one not love them? It would be most ungrateful…

Goodbye dear and beloved Mother, since I love my Teachers so much, can you imagine just how much affection I have for you?... But I can’t express it, only God can understand it… until I have [21v°] the pleasure of seeing you again, accept the most tender and affectionate sentiments that your darling little daughter sends you,


P.S. Dear Mother, please be good enough to give my love to Papa, my little sisters and Louise.

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